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Tequi-Lime ® Sauce is a fusion of East meets West in a bottle. The sweet dark flavors of the Asian grill; blend with the south-of-the-border heats of chilies, bright fresh lime finished with a celebratory shot of Tequila! The healthy Eastern cuisines inspired us to make the sauce fat-free and without preservatives.

O'Rumba Sauce
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O'Rumba ™ Sauce - more flavors from the East, combined with best Caribbean Rum, and the gorgeous citrus flavor of orange = O'Rumba! Laced with fresh ginger, this sexy sauce does it all!

O'Plum Sesame Sauce
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O'Plum Sesame ™ Sauce is our latest fusion, created with Sherry & sesame flavors from the Far East. It's sweet and plum flavored and is mouthwatering when used as a grilling glaze, or stir fry sauce.

Teriyaki Sake Sauce order now

Our latest product, details coming soon.

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