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Chef Ann Kirsebom's gourmet products reflect her training & culinary experiences. Classically French trained, Chef Kirsebom has cooked with acclaimed chefs from around the world. Extensive globetrotting has been a true inspiration for her gourmet sauces, as she has sourced only the finest authentic ingredients in her travels. As the Chef of the Jade - Asian Restaurant aboard the luxury cruise ship "The Crystal Symphony" Chef Kirsebom sailed through Europe, the Orient and through the South Pacific on a culinary journey with each new country a new discovery of flavor combinations was born.

International Association of Culinary ProfessionalsChef Kirsebom is the Executive Chef of the The Toast of the Town Cuisine, a successful, full service catering company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Chef Kirsebom is also a Culinary Educator, teaching at the Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver, where she graduated, and, at top Culinary Schools in Vancouver and the resort of Whistler. She also led food and wine enthusiasts sailing through Europe and the Panama Canal as part of "The Ultimate Dinner Party" series, giving private cooking lessons in each region.

Chef Ann's Gourmet Sauce's were recently presented at the 2006 Leo Awards in the gift bag presentation. More details

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